Up Early on this amazing Saturday sending out packages and just started reflecting on Gods goodness.

So I read the scriptures about God pouring out a blessing so big you won’t have room to receive and I honestly never understood it because I thought ‘I’ll find room trust me 😉) but as I walked into my shop today and saw inventory and packages and stuff everywhere it hit me. I can’t even bring in any of the new styles and different sizes that I want because there’s no room!!

God has blessed this little Christian tee shop so much that there’s daily demands for items that I can’t even bring in this house cause we’ve out grown it in a year!!!

Excited about all God is doing and we are excited about moving into our new house in 2020. Get ready for major blessings this upcoming year HES POURING IT OUT!!!! 👉👉 Follow my Shop @ @jennyweavershops