Pray Everyday

Can I admit something?? Promise not to judge? 

Ok, here’s the truth of the matter; Sometimes I don’t ‘feel’ like getting up and going to pray. There I said it! Here’s the thing though.... I STILL PRAY!! 

I used to only pray when I felt the mood to pray or I had some extra time in my day or I remembered to pray. But God told us to pray without ceasing- so that means daily! I’ve learned over time that prayer isn’t feeling driven it’s my obedience to what God has called me to do. 

You may be like I was where you love God and want to serve him but your prayer life kind of struggled a bit. You may find yourself running out of things to say in prayer or not sure if you’re praying ‘right’. If I can say anything to encourage you it would be this: JUST PRAY, take it one day at a time, one thought at a time, one word at a time and allow the Holy Spirit to teach you prayer. You can’t learn properly unless you’re doing it regularly. 

I decided to do something about all the requests and messages I get about people needing help in the area of prayer. I put together PRAY EVERYDAY 31 days of audio live recorded prayers!!! This resource is designed to be a prayer starter, a guide, an atmosphere setter that you can have right at your fingertips everyday. Starting January 1st join myself and thousands of others all over the world as we PRAY EVERYDAY!! 

The prayers are all uploaded for you so you go at your own pace and play them when you are ready! 

You can listen in the car, train, on your way to work, while you’re getting ready for the day, in your prayer space, before bed, on a lunch break or whenever! It’s totally up to you! 


Sign up is totally free so what are you waiting for??? It’s time to PRAY EVERYDAY!!! 

see you Jan 1st!