About Us

Jenny Weaver started traveling the nations leading worship after her “singing the scriptures” fb live videos began to go viral in Jan 2018 and she created a t-shirt to just have on her product table after events. She discovered a passion to keep creating and designing quality Christian tees that would give hope and look cute too!!

This began the incredible journey and birth of “CLOTHED IN GRACE” 2020 After a few years of having a few signature tees she began to expand and make more items as she listened to the customers she served and studied the latest trends! She custom makes the tees and prays over EVERY SINGLE ITEM!

In a short time the shop has served hundreds of thousands of people all over the Globe and is now has added an entire boutique line as well. Her husband began helping her as the business took off and they love making, packaging and sending out quality products!

There is something for everyone.

Clothed in grace tells the story of someone who once was lost but by God’s grace is now found. Clothed in grace gives hope to a lost world through simple messages and a smiling face. Clothed in grace is a voice for all women who have a story to share and heart to be heard!

“Give them Jesus and look cute too” ~Jenny Weaver /CEO & founder