Names of God - Worship Flag
Names of God - Worship Flag

Names of God - Worship Flag

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This Flag announces the names of our almighty God.
His names declare His nature, Jehovah is all almighty, powerful, and full of glory. These names are a proof that there is none like Him. They also remind us of who He is in our lives.
When we raise this flag, we declare that Yahweh is the God who reigns in our land, that He is the King that is crowned above every other name. This flag states that our God is the God Who is and who was and who is to come.
The names printed on this flag are as follows:
Messiah: Savior of the world
El-Shaddai: The Mighty in war
Shalom: God of peace
Alpha and Omega: The beginning and the end
Sabaoth: The Lord of Hosts
Kadosh: The most Holy
I AM: The only one
Elohim: The creator
Rapha: The healer
Emmanuel: God who is always with us
Adonai: God The lord.
Nissi: Our Banner
יהוה: The King of Glory.
He is the King of Kings and Lord of Lords.

Available size and materials;

Measurement: approx. W: 140cm x H: 90cm (55×36 inches) Fabric: polyester 

Features: Ultra-light and flowing

Cut: Straight rolled hem outer edge with enforced inner edge to keep the flag straight inside the rod.

Rods: half flexible rods with a measure that fits the flag's height, it could be 90cm in height or less.

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